May. 8th, 2012

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Commentary track on “The Southern Raiders”, including Dante Basco )

Commentary track on “The Ember Island Players”, including Jack DeSena and Jessie Flower )


I don't have much to say about Ember Island Players, so I'm not going to post a separate review of it. I think it's clever that the creators managed to come up with a creative way to review the story before the finale, and I like the way they poke fun at their show, its genre, and fan reactions/expectations. But the best part of the episode is how the characters react to their own past actions and to each other's. My favorite examples of this are:
  • The awkward look Aang and Zuko give each other when the Blue Spirit “rescues” actor Aang, who pronounces him “my hero”. (In a bizarre twist, the play stages it as the Blue Spirit rescuing Aang from Prince Zuko.)
  • The pained look on Zuko's face when he watches his actor self betray his uncle in Ba Sing Se and Katara asks if he really said those horrible things to Iroh.
  • The horrified looks of all the characters when they watch their own defeat at the hands of Azula and Ozai.
In general I love Zuko's reactions the best in this episode. Of all the characters, he has the most to look back on with shame and regret, and the faces he makes as he watches the show range from priceless to heart-breaking. I like the way Toph cheers him up during the intermission, too. :)

All that's left now is the four-part finale. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to break up the posts, but right now I'm leaning toward one for parts 1-2, one for parts 3-4, and one for all the commentary tracks, so a total of three posts. I reserve the right to change my mind, though. :P



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