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Usual sad note that not only have I never gotten a bingo on one of these, but I often don't manage even one fill--but I can't resist them. ^^; I keep hoping some inspiration will be jarred loose, and occasionally that even happens!

My [ profile] hc_bingo card is under this cut )

At first glance I didn't see a whole lot of prompts there that work well with my usual-these-years fandom/ship, but on looking again, there are a few that I could theoretically do interesting things with, or that at least can be made to match WsIP that I expect to be on the shorter side if/when I can finish them. And my monofannishness aside, I do always hope that these challenges will twig something in my brain and let me write something new.

(Is this my first time getting an [ profile] hc_bingo card that doesn't have one of the soulbond prompts? I haven't gone and checked to see if it's literally the first time, but the card generator has traditionally been very keen on giving me "unintended soulbond" and/or "unintended side effects of planned soulbond" [or whatever the exact phrasings are]. I always kinda meant to write the former for Warehouse 13; it could even happen someday. It's pretty perfect.)

And my [ profile] seasonofkink card and Newsflesh-specific (inherently NSFW) notes are under THIS cut )
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--With less than a month until Hugo voting closes, it's well past time to admit that there's no way in hell I'm getting even most of the reading done. ;_; (We've moved past "unfeasible" into "the idea is so ludicrous that collapsing into faintly-hysterical laughter is the only real option if I think 'but maybe if I--'" No. It is not happening.)

--To further illustrate how my reading is (not) going lately, [ profile] seananmcguire's new novella came out a week ago and I haven't read it yet. ;_; I've at least been keeping up with some graphic novels from the library, but that's about it.

--The adorable annual we're planting that I couldn't remember for the life of me is Hawaii Blue ageratum, AKA "floss flower". *charmed* Look how cute it is!

--A happy twofold discovery: while rummaging for something else, I found a small stash of Toronto transit tokens that we'd clearly forgotten about, and I was briefly sad because I'd had the impression that the Presto system rollout in Toronto was far enough along that tokens might not be usable anymore. (Horrifying thought, since the Presto rollout sounds like a clusterfuck in all kinds of ways--which strikes me as extra embarrassing when, as far as I can tell, Presto works fairly well in Ottawa, and unless I'm wrong about that, clearly it can be fine.) But I checked the TTC site, and the header on the "fares and passes" section says "Last year’s tickets and tokens are still valid. Customers paying with tickets and tokens do not need to deposit ten cents." [Emphasis theirs.] So we'll see about using our stash up.

--Related: one of the infinite things I love about having Claudia and Jinksy is that it's much less heartbreaking to come home from Toronto now that we have sweet, soft kitties waiting for us, but the flip side is that I preemptively miss them. I'd cling to them, but they don't like that. ^^;

(That said, Jinksy's currently purring on my lap. *^^*)

Final Girls by Mira Grant

Jun. 20th, 2017 06:37 pm
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[personal profile] shanejayell posting in [community profile] aftertheendtimes

Good read. Just finished it last night.

Did anyone else find Dr Webb really, REALLY unethical, or was it just me?

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A much more cheerful post! (No pictures yet, alas, but I have been taking some here and there on my phone and plan to at least upload them to Instagram.)

[ profile] scruloose and I spent most of the evening outside putting in more plants. Whew. We are almost done. Current status, off the top of my head (and, okay, off the front of the handful of tags I have on my desk, although I'm basically doing the annuals from memory and phone pics, since we've been putting their tags in the soil with them).

So here's the current state of things:

Shrubs: the Sensation lilac (the one that's been around for several years now) is doing much better this year, I think; it's almost like pruning it and paying attention to the soil make a difference! Its blooms are fading and browning now, though. And the Bloomerang had quite a few blossom clusters when we planted it, but they've all died off. (Which may mean it's time to prune [deadhead?] it now, to make way for any blooms it may offer up later this summer. That's the point of Bloomerangs, after all, but it's only the poor thing's first year, and we imagine being transplanted is rough on them.)

Edibles: all but three tomato plants are now in their final containers and have their halos/ladders/cages/whatever, and those three have been repotted in larger but still temporary pots; I don't remember the exact breakdown anymore, other than "we have one Sungold, we'll have one Sweet 100 (see below), and we have...some...Lemon Boy and Chocolate plants". I opted not to get either cucamelons or lemon cucumbers. (I don't know why I feel weird not capitalizing the names of tomato varieties but am okay with "lemon cucumber".) So it's a lot of tomatoes and the Raspberry Shortcake bred-for-containers raspberry shrub.

Perennials: we don't have many, since there's just the one bed in the ground and it's not very big. It has two Etiole Violet clematis, two astilbe (one each of Fanal [dark red] and Purple Candles), two bleeding hearts (one each of Valentine [red] and White Pearl), purple Arendsii monkshood (which turns out to be wolfsbane, so we have to keep the cats away from it when they're outside, as well as from the tomatoes), and a fiery orange butterfly weed.

That bed also has two Rose Splash phyllostachya (I think this is one?), which is an annual.

Annuals: the planted annuals are almost all in four matching rectangular containers, and we still have some left to put in. The exception is that so far all but one of the few planted-so-far marigolds are in Smart Pots with tomatoes, although it's very possible there isn't actually enough room in those pots for both the fruit and the flowers. We're doing science? Anyway, the marigold varieties are Bonanza Flame (orange with red) and Taishan Orange.

Otherwise, the annuals are Persian shield, impatiens (white), coleus (three kinds--one rust-colored, one deep red with pink streaks, and one burgundy with redder streaks), calendula (not planted yet, and also not blooming yet, so I don't remember anything about it), snapdragons (a tray of a mix and a tray of a deep violet variety), salvia (a single blue and a tray of deep burgundyish purple--apparently there are a bazillion kinds of salvia, but without the tags that's all I recall), a dark silvery sort of heuchera (which is a perennial, I know, but it's in with the annuals now...), purple lobellia... And there's at least one I can't remember the name of at all, which is...a lighter but not pale purple, and rather adorable. I may be missing others too. [ETA: the one I knew I couldn't remember is Hawaii Blue ageratum ("floss flower").]

Baskets (mainly also annuals): I don't know exactly what's going on in basket 1, because for some reason plant shops don't necessarily label them. Basket 1 (bought pre-planted) has pink-and-white fuchsia and something purple (I was told, but I forget--maybe some of you will recognize it. I think it's a common one) and something pink. Basket 2, also bought pre-planted, is the purple calibrachoa-not-chupacabra, hanging in place of the wind chime we bought and had up for a day or so before we decided it was too loud and the sound carried too far for our condo corp. (I don't know the exact variety, but it's something like this.) And basket 3, which we planted, has small purple Shadow Dancers fuchsia, lemon balm, and lemon thyme.

Still to do: buy more soil (not sure if we'll get potting soil or do another mix of black earth, rotted sheep manure, and peat moss [IIRC]); trade a Chocolate cherry tomato plant for one of [ profile] ginnikin and Kas' Sweet 100 plants and plant the latter; if [ profile] wildpear doesn't take both the unplanted Chocolate and unplanted Lemon Boy, plant whichever remains (although, happily, it sounds like she'll give them both a home); plant the remaining annuals in containers.

And in the fall I plan to buy heaps of bulbs and plant them all over the place (within the realm of possibility, which isn't actually that large), since [ profile] wildpear says bulbs and perennials will cheerfully grow around each other, since they sprout and bloom at fairly different times. Mostly crocuses and daffodils, I imagine; basic bright things that'll lift my heart in spring. Heaven knowns Nova Scotian springs need it.

A thing that really, really irks me

Jun. 18th, 2017 11:50 pm
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I had an appointment with a medical specialist last week (details irrelevant for this, so I'm not getting into it, but nothing to worry about). He was someone I'd never seen before, and he was very prone to a thing that drives me completely up the wall at great speed, and it's something I'm faced with way more often than I'd like (not just with medical practitioners), so hey, I'm gonna tell you about it. Unsurprisingly given that lead-in, this is a bit ranty, so it gets a cut )
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Fannish/Geeky Things

[ profile] hc_bingo Round 8 is open for sign-ups.

[ profile] pbam (Porn Battle Amnesty) is holding a More Golden Oldies round, which draws from prompts given in previous rounds.

"‘Wonder Woman’ is More Like a Disney Princess Story Than a Superhero Movie – And That’s a Good Thing".

"Wonder Woman's Most Fantastic Scene Nearly Didn't Get Made at All".

"Wonder Woman - History Painting". "I had the pleasure and honor of working with Patty Jenkins and her team to create the animated painting at the beginning of Wonder Woman. It was a huge undertaking, but I had a small team of super-talented artists to help finish it on time, and Patty & Co. were very supportive along the way." This includes a couple of paintings that didn't make it into the final film.

[ETA: The above link was returning a 404 error for a while, but seems to be working again now. Odd.]

"Welcome to Tatiana Maslany’s Acting Master Class: With every character she plays, the Orphan Black star changes the pulse on set".

"DC's Bringing Back Its Bombshells To Explore the Fallout of World War II". [io9]

"Let's Admire Sailor Moon Anime Backgrounds" (the original anime series, that is).

"2017 Live-Action Adaptations from Shoujo and Josei Manga – UPDATED".

"Beloved Hayao Miyazaki Film Set To Get A Theme Park Of Its Own".

"Studio Ghibli’s Double Feature of Grave of the Fireflies and My Neighbor Totoro Was a Terrible Idea". []


Via [ profile] st_aurafina, [ profile] anandrine has a post for people to ID Dreamwidth communities that're active (or that they wish were more active).

"American Hippopotamus: A bracing and eccentric epic of espionage and hippos". (This history-that-almost-was inspired Sarah Gailey's novella River of Teeth, that wondrous AU where baby hippos are called HOPS. The article is long and I haven't finished reading it yet.)

"Bruce Springsteen Is Ditching Football Stadiums And Basketball Arenas For The Bright Lights Of Broadway".

"This Illustrator Explains To Bros Why They Need Feminism".

"This is What Happens When You Teach an AI to Name Guinea Pigs".

"Documenting the World’s Animals, One Picture at a Time". [National Geographic]

Misc. linkspam on my way to bed

Jun. 15th, 2017 02:28 am
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All in all, the last few days have been a whirlwind even though not much happened, really. Today was not a very good day, but I met my deadline. And now I'm up too late closing tabs, so I'll toss up some linkspam before I go see about trying to sleep.

"Russia's Museum Cats". [The New Yorker, 2012]

"If You Don't Laugh At Any Of These Pictures Then You Have A Cold Heart". [Buzzfeed, as given away by the title; it's captioned animal photos from Twitter]

Backtracking a lifetime several days in US politics, a Twitter thread: "A linguist explains why 'covfefe' sounds weird, why people can't agree how to say it, and fefe compounds: threadfefe". (And speaking of "covfefe", did you know BPAL has a limited edition scent, with proceeds going to the ACLU?)

"inside the underground subculture of female korean tattoo artists". [December 2016]

"Tree-dwelling gray foxes decorate with skeletons"

"Popsicles Made From 100 Different Polluted Water Sources Grab World’s Attention".

Via [ profile] dine, "50 People Spend 2 Months To Crochet Giant Urchins Above Singapore’s Marina That Each Weight 220 Lbs (100Kg)".

"New Twitter Policy Abandons a Longstanding Privacy Pledge". [EFF]

"Best Cats Of Reykjavík".

"Cats Are Tattooing Other Cats in Surreal Japanese Ink Wash Paintings".

"36 Jokes About Marriage That Will Make You Both Laugh". [Buzzfeed] Actually, no, a lot of them are actively annoying, so brace for that if you go in, but some of them are truly funny.

[ profile] siderea has a pair of posts that go together: "What Assisted Living Is" (details specific to Massachusetts, but some of the info is more broadly applicable, at least in North America) and "Retirement": "D had been talking about assisted living in terms of whether or not she needed it – whether she could still do things for herself, or whether she needed someone to do for her the sorts of things that assisted living does for residents. It seems to me that while that's one valid way of thinking about it, it's not the only one. There's "needs to", but there's also "gets to".

I said as much, and brought her up short when I told her that for me, this was political. "What do you mean, 'political'?"

I said, with some emphasis, 'I think women should get to retire, same as men do.'"

Via [ profile] alisanne:

--"10+ Amazing Tattoos That Turn Scars Into Works Of Art".

--"Jewelry Designed to Look Like Fashionable Dragon Scale Armor".

--"Amazing Photos Reveal the Work of Britain’s First Tattoo Artist in Victorian Times".
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Garden update: I'd say we got, at most, half of what we had to plant actually planted on Saturday. (And then Sunday was work and the second Wonder Woman viewing.) The perennials (as of then) and the Bloomerang lilac went in, and a couple of tomatoes and the raspberry shrub got repotted. That left all of the annuals and something like ten tomato plants that needed (and still need) to be dealt with.

Then yesterday evening we went back to Halifax Seed and bought a bunch more annuals, plus another hanging basket (this one of purple calibrachoa, which I only "remember" because I'd never heard of it and entered it into my phone and could pull it up just now; I'm mostly wandering around referring to it as "something that's not quite 'chupacabra'"), plus a second bleeding heart (white) and a...butterfly weed, I think it's called, for the perennial bed. All of which need planting! Whee!

Today I got my hair cut, which feels like a huge "AT LAST" moment even though I'm the one who specifically called and rescheduled for today (from about three weeks ago), so I have no one to blame but myself. The color is all touched up, and the pinkish streaks from last time (where she bleached bits of the dark purple) are now pretty much my ideal purple shade. *^^* The base color is still a darker purple than I ultimately want, but I like it, and lightening takes time.

It's only the top half of my hair, though, because I got an undercut (?), so the bottom half is all buzzed down (#1 buzz cut) and my hair is totally off my neck and I'm sooooo happy about that. And since we have clippers, my stylist cheerfully agreed that [ profile] scruloose should be able to keep that part touched up for me between salon trips, no problem, so it can stay off my neck. Whee! (So it actually looks--to me--much the same from the front, since the front is where I generally have any actual length, and I'm not sure she touched that at all.)

In the name of "add a few more weeks than ideal between cuts to save money by having a couple fewer cuts/colors over the course of the year", my next appointment isn't until September, which seems awfully far off, but so it goes.

--Today's high in Halifax was 30°C (38°C with humidex); tomorrow night's forecast low is 6°C. Even for Nova Scotia, that's one hell of a whiplash.

--I really want to get ahead on my freelance work before the end of the month, if at all possible, but thankfully the deadline that's really feeling crunchy is tomorrow and I'm almost done (something like twenty more pages of script to adapt, and I have a couple of questions out to the translator; hopefully I won't wind up needing to send her more tomorrow). The deadline stress has not been helped by my having a GP appointment yesterday morning and a hair appointment today, plus a specialist appointment tomorrow morning. (That was booked back in August. Canada: decent at health coverage [incredible compared to the US, I know, but still lacking in so many ways], but NOT FAST about non-urgent things.)

--All in all, right now I'm tired and frazzled and overheated and not managing to get much writing done (but "not much in the last few days" is so much better than it had been!) or really get any reading/watching done. I'm not sure where the time goes. (I can break it all down intellectually, but on a gut level it somehow remains bewildering.)

Wonder Woman linkspam

Jun. 11th, 2017 11:59 pm
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I should be using a Wonder Woman icon for this post, obviously, and I've downloaded quite a lot of them, but it'll probably take me ages to narrow it down to one or two to actually use, and now is not that time.

Today [ profile] scruloose and I saw Wonder Woman for the second time (and [ profile] scruloose actively dislikes seeing movies in theatres, I should add!). We went with [ profile] wildpear, Nico, and Nico's gentleman, all of whom were first-time viewers. It was really neat seeing it again so soon after my first viewing, and having read so many articles and reaction posts in the meantime that drew my eye to different moments or issues or motifs.

IIRC, these are all positive links; I've also read a fair bit of valid criticism on representation fronts, but more on Twitter than anywhere else, and I don't have the energy to try to delve back into my RTs and wrangle them into easily-sharable-here form. But since I have RTed a lot of them, feel free to scroll back through my feed at [ profile] ysabet_m if you're feeling ambitious.

Seventeen links under the cut )
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I have a lot of work to do this weekend, but despite that, we're planning to get some actual planting done! (And I'm holding out hope of seeing Wonder Woman again Sunday afternoon. It'll depend on how much work I get through before then.)

Having decided to hold off on actually planting anything until the last-frost date passed, [ profile] scruloose and I mostly stuck to the plan of buying plants just before we were going to, you know, plant them. In retrospect, this may not have been ideal; when we were plant shopping yesterday, quite a few things (mainly or entirely annuals) weren't readily available, although I'm not sure whether that's because they're basically sold out for the season at Halifax Seed or because they were sold out until the next delivery.

My purchase a few weeks ago of tiny seedling Lemon Boy tomatoes that have needed to be maintained in the interim was my first clue that I panic a bit in these situations of Perceived Plant Scarcity. (Totally unwarranted in the case of the Lemon Boys.) I had another small round of it yesterday, exacerbated by the fact that we want to do some planting this weekend and by the fact that it was annuals, and if we put in different annuals than planned this year, oh noes, we'll have to deal with them for a WHOLE SEASON. *shrugs*

As a result, I can't rattle off exactly what we picked up. ^^; Let me see. I know we got a flat of six Chocolate tomato seedlings (which, with the six Lemon Boys and the lone Sungold, may be it for tomatoes, although part of me is like " red ones at all???"). On the perennial front, we bought two astilbe plants (one red, one purple); on the herb front, we, lemon thyme and lemon...balm? (One of the other lemon-somethings).

And for annuals, we got a hanging basket that has fuchsia and...other things...and, for planting in our containers, a couple of coleus (not any of the kinds on my original list), some marigolds (to go in around the tomatoes)...I think some lobelia...? And...some other stuff. No calendula or impatiens, IIRC. I'll be checking tags tomorrow.

On the ~thrilling~ sleep front, two nights ago I was up much too late, as I often am, but then woke up at about 6:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. (Hey, can I blame my vagueness about what annuals we bought on the sleep shenanigans?) I got a fair bit of work done, at least, but by the time [ profile] scruloose was heading for bed, I was more than ready to go too. So last night I was in bed by 11 PM! And I fell asleep fairly quickly, with my alarm set for 9:30, which seemed quite reasonable given the gross lack of sleep the night before! I woke up around 1:30 PM. >.< Great job, whatever part of my brain was responsible for that! It sort of averages out over the two nights, which I suppose isn't nothing, but it's still frustrating.


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