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Over the course of the day [ profile] scruloose and I managed to get our wires throughly crossed twice regarding the same thing. It stressed me out horribly, and then I felt bad about that, because he was only involved at all because he was giving me and a friend a hand with something. ;_; But AAAAAHHHH, so stressful.

But that notwithstanding, we got some erranding done and had dinner and saw Atomic Blonde with lawyer!friend, who we hadn't seen in...a month or two? (I can't even with time.) So the day wasn't a wash, just frazzling. ("Just". -_-)

(I didn't know until the opening credits that Atomic Blonde is adapted from Antony Johnston's graphic novel The Coldest City, which I'm wholly unfamiliar with, so I have no idea how faithful to it the movie is.)

Three Amazon-related things, weirdly (and very tangentially, in the third case):

--Question: if you have a trial Amazon Prime account and preorder something that won't come out until the trial ends, and you don't opt to keep Prime, do you then pay for shipping when the item is released and ships to you? Or is it still the free/quick Prime shipping because of when you ordered it?

--I don't know if I'm more confused by Amazon's insistence on sending a separate email for every order represented in a package when they bundle items from multiple orders together, or by the fact that the emails don't all come at once. Did I really need four email notifications about one package? And why did it take over ten minutes for them all to arrive, start to finish? (Don't try to answer the "why they don't all come at once" part; I'm sure there's a technical reason, but that doesn't/won't change my feeling that it's silly for them to not arrive all at once.)

--And finally, Sarah Rees Brennan's In Other Lands (the polished/expanded novel version of The Turn of the Story, which she serialized online and which I love fiercely) is out today! It's a BOOK! A book I'll be able to hold in my hands! With mermaids on the cover! It's been fleshed out/revised and edited, and we'll get the ending from Elliot's perspective! (The Turn of the Story is from Elliot's POV, but its original ending was actually written before TotS and is a story in the Monstrous Affections anthology, and is from Luke's POV.)

...and for whatever reason, at least on and, the hard copy of the book is still slated to release on August 25. >.< I have a preorder of it via Kas' Prime account, as does Ginny. But the ebook version is already available for both Kindle and Kobo, and the book is officially out today in I think I'm going to cave and buy an ebook copy too, so I can read it.

Here's Sarah's release-day post! The book has received starred reviews from both Kirkus and Publishers’ Weekly, and Sarah says "Bullied due to his personality! Inability to keep his mouth shut! I love how the reviews so far have been like: the hero is a terrible pill, but we are willing to buy this pill and take him home."

And here is Small Beer Press' post about the book's release, which opens with "Five years ago Sarah Rees Brennan emailed Kelly her story, “Wings in the Morning,” for our anthology Monstrous Affections. It was long: 17,000+ words in that early draft — although Sarah told us the actual first draft had been 30,000 words".

So you see, I've both already read and not read this book. I already adore it; I also, unsurprisingly, have a corner of my heart saying "but...but this means the story I already love is changed...?" and worrying a bit. But mostly I'm thrilled about it finally being a BOOK I can HOLD. And did I mention the mermaids? (I did.) Elliot, for all his brattiness and lack of enchantment with the magical place in which he goes to school, is appropriately entranced by and appreciative of mermaids.

Serene! Luke! ELLIOT! My heart...!
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Fannish/Geeky Things

This link about Carrie Fisher and The Last Jedi was making the rounds on Twitter largely because of the story Oscar Isaac tells about her at the end of the article.

The Hugo nomination stats are out (along with other statistics), so naturally I checked the Best Series category, where I found Newsflesh in the list of top nominees, appearing on 85 ballots. (The category header indicates that there were 1393 votes for 291 nominees.) The Toby books, which did make it onto the final ballot, were on 129 nominating ballots.

Via [ profile] sovay, look at Philip Odango's marvelous cosplay of Maui from Moana.

"Dean Winchester and Commander Shepard Walk Into A Bar: Why Fanon Matters". [Alasdair Stuart at Uncanny Magazine]

Social Justice

"Women Are Dying Because Doctors Treat Us Like Men: For years, physicians have referred to women's healthcare as 'bikini medicine' and assumed they can diagnose and treat both genders the same way. But it's costing women their lives". [Marie Claire]

Via [ profile] wendelah1, "41 Things You Should Know About Abortions And The Doctors Who Perform Them". [Buzzfeed]

"Ready to Ditch White Feminism? Here Are 6 Black Feminist Concepts You Need to Know".

"Battery Theory: For when the Spoon Theory is too confusing".

"Accessibility [of the web] according to actual people with disabilities".

"Are men talking too much?" is an online tool for tracking who's dominating a conversation. (Relevant info at this Facebook post.)

"A post for men about creepy men".

"The Sugarcoated Language Of White Fragility". [July 2016] (Uses Trump as an illustration, FYI.)


Via a post on [ profile] wotd (Word of the Day), The Phrontistery dedicates itself to "obscure words and vocabulary resources". It includes lists of lost words, obscure words, word lists by topic, short words for Scrabble purposes...many things! I've barely scratched the surface.

"Finding Dory Writer and Hamilton Director to Tell the Story of the U.S. Military’s First Female Pilots". [The Mary Sue]

Via [locked], "Gratitude Lists Are B.S. — It Was an 'Ingratitude' List That Saved Me".

Via [ profile] jimhines, "Incredible Bonsai Trees Made Of 1000s Of Miniature Origami Cranes By Naoki Onogawa" and "10+ Badass Trees That Refuse To Die No Matter What".

Via [ profile] klgaffney, "The Lost City That’s Not Lost, Not a City, and Doesn’t Need to Be Discovered".

Mishmash post before I do some work

Aug. 12th, 2017 02:27 pm
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Revoltingly humid today--the kind of day where I'll be so glad to hit the shower, but am also kind of dreading it because getting out of the shower will feel so gross within seconds and the whole thing will feel pointless by the time I'm dressed. >.< (I'm really not good with sweat and stickiness. Why are bodies?)

This weekend I'm on once-a-day cat-feeding duty for friends who live maybe ten minutes away on foot, which is very convenient, but since it's evening feeding, it's too early for me to go and come back and be done for the day (and done being rained on, if that happens). *wry* I'm a procrastinator in many ways, but in terms of concrete things that have to be done on a given day, I usually lean towards getting them out of the way promptly, so a corner of my brain keeps perking up and thinking, "Oh! I could head over there now and be done--wait, no."

I need to post about K.B. Spangler's books/webcomic, and I even have some notes jotted down, but haven't managed to turn those notes into anything yet. (Technically her work all falls under the "A Girl and Her Fed universe" banner--AGAHF being the webcomic, which came first and I suspect is the best-known part?--but since I started with the novels, most of which are about Rachel Peng, who isn't even in the first act of AGAHF, I find myself defaulting to labeling it all as Rachel-related in my head.)

Anyway, I've read almost everything at this point, except that I haven't started the second act of the comic yet, and there are also some bonus comics or something available as pdfs in Spangler's online store, which I should pick up. So in theory, a proper post on it should happen any day now.

--For those who haven't heard, [ profile] seanan_mcguire won the Best Novella Hugo for Every Heart a Doorway!

--There's a second track available from the upcoming Tori Amos album: "Up the Creek".

--My brain doesn't feel like it even has the memory of how to write fiction. Thanks, brain.

--I'm now three (3) whole episodes into Black Sails. I'm not remotely in love, but I gather very few people are at this point; that said, those three episodes haven't been as bad as I was afraid of. (That said, they've depicted several commonly-triggery things. But I went in expecting that, and am fortunate enough to not have any actual triggers myself.)

--This day is not conducive to staying awake, but Monday's deadline is fast approaching. And in the next month or so I'm hoping to get ahead on my freelance work, in case Casual Job starts up for the fall before September ends...and I just acquired some bonus prose proofreading work to do by the end of September, too. (Yay!)
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gardening update, with a focus on tomatoes--one of which I ate! )

I have an uncomfortable number of tabs open with tomato recipes in them, mainly from The Kitchn. I think we're finally far enough along in the season that I don't feel like I'm jinxing things by asking if you guys have favorite tomato-related recipes and consumption methods you feel like sharing. ([ profile] misbegotten, I've already saved a couple of things you posted/linked to recently--very promising!)

Also on the cooking front (which is a bitterly hilarious thing to say, since I don't even really bake anymore, never mind cook), I keep hearing such good things about Instant Pots lately. [ profile] scruloose and I didn't pounce on the recent Prime Day sales--just as well, since the model I'd been eying was 8-quart, and when [ profile] scruloose measured some things he concluded that that'd be way too big for us--but we may wind up acquiring one. (Newest reference: a Toronto friend mentioning on Facebook that he made one of his tried-and-true recipes in an Instant Pot and it took one hour [including prep] rather than its usual four to eight hours of cooking time alone.)

I'm mainly looking at this 6-in-1 6-quart model, but there's also this 7-in-1 6-quart version (about $20 more, and the additional function seems to be yogurt-making?). [ profile] scruloose'll need to be the one to assess the other differences and decide, since a) he's the more technical of us and b) he's the one who actually, you know, cooks.

--Rather than tossing this into linkspam, here: [ profile] UrsulaV just watched The Winter Soldier for the first time, and live-tweeted the experience.

--Neither [ profile] scruloose nor I fully realized until yesterday (in my case, when he got home from work and told me) that this is a three-day weekend. Given that it's already late Saturday night and we've made no plans beyond our usual daily things, I doubt we're going to do much with it other than being glad [ profile] scruloose has a day off, but it's still pretty great. ^_^
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I've started vaguely feeling as if I should watch the Yona of the Dawn anime. I feel as if I've seen it mentioned relatively often lately, given how small a percentage of my online friends are anime-watchers these days. I haven't really seen any anime since I watched Yuri on Ice, unless I'm forgetting something, and I do have this shiny Crunchyroll subscription that I maintain basically on principle (the principle[s] being that it's very affordable, I like supporting my sister industry, and heaven knows I watched enough fansubs in bygone days that paying for anime now feels like a good thing to do even if I'm not actually watching it very much).

I'm inherently skeptical of anime based on manga (sometimes it's amazing, but how often, really?), though, and I love the Yona manga so much. (I'm adapting vol. 10 this week!) It also seems like it might be extra weird to watch an anime based on something I adapt; I can't literally say I've never done it, because I know I saw at least a couple episodes of My Love Story!! (which was wonderful to see!), but I essentially haven't done it.

Not that there are a ton of manga I've adapted that have anime versions, but there're certainly a few: Sgt. Frog, My Love Story!!, Yona of the Dawn, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and The Ancient Magus' Bride, at least. (Maybe that's all. Dunno.)

--However many weeks after the big announcement and kerfuffle, Photobucket finally sent me an email about using their services for third-party hosting. I'm pretty sure the only things I really have there are my mood themes for Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, so I'm largely planning to sit back and see how long it takes for them to actually kill my mood theme here, and then I guess I'll upload it elsewhere and try to remember how to make it go.

--I'm having ~feelings~ about the novels I'm reading (K.B. Spangler's Rachel Peng books; there are four [so far?], and I finished the second tonight), but haven't managed to pin it further down than that, comment yet? I can say that Rachel is very up my alley as a protagonist, and also that Franchise? I honestly don't know what the noun is in this particular case! complicated, and I haven't explored its other corners at all. At some point I imagine I'll come up with some kind of words and slap a post together.

--I continue to use Instagram primarily for following adorable kitty accounts, which is not helping with my intermittent desire to foster kittens. Not that we can right now; we'd be using Ginny's Room, and have at least one more house guest coming this summer, and also, in theory we may yet get a window installed in our main bathroom this year, and when that's going on we plan to keep Claudia and Jinksy in that room. But. KITTENS.


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