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Finally! The List of DOOM. Yes, it’s time for my HBP predictions. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath! ;)

Part 1: Summer )
Part 2: OWL Results )
Part 3: Voldemort )
Part 4: Harry )
Part 5: Romance )
Part 6: Quidditch )
Part 7: Dumbledore )
Part 8: Half-Blood Prince )
Part 9: Sirius )
Part 10: Other Characters )
Part 11: Subplots )


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Only one more month until July 16th!!!

Well, apparently making HBP predictions is now uncool. *shrugs* That's not going to stop me! I will put down my predictions, um...sometime in the next month. :D

For anyone wishing to use my question list to make your own predictions, [livejournal.com profile] xray2000 has made a formatted template to make it easier to use. Please note that if you decide to use the questions, you are under no obligation to answer every single one. I plan to pick out and answer only those that I have a particular opinion on.

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7 weeks to go, guys. :D

Some recommended reading: The Premature Prediction ~ A very interesting prediction about how the end of Book 7 might go down, with some thoughts on the origin of Lord Voldemort and the nature of the connection between him and Harry. This is a follow-up to The Changeling Hypothesis, which you might want to check out, also, if you haven't already.

And a little meme gacked from [livejournal.com profile] claudia_k.

Come up with your own movie “Top 5” category (for example, “The Top 5 Best Insults”). Or you can steal someone else’s category—we’re easy! Then list the relevant movies/scenes.

I do not consider this to be a definitive list of the top five movies in this category, nor are they even necessarily my five favorites, but they are the five movies I like in this category which first came to mind.

Joie's Top Five Cinematic Surprise Endings:

5. Memento ~ I love non-chronological story-telling, and the way this movie works from the two bookends to a climatic point in the middle that Explains It All never fails to impress me.
4. Gosford Park ~ Definitely not your average whodunnit. The answer to this mystery is heartbreaking and perfect. And the fact that's it's solved by perhaps the only character worthy of knowing the truth (hint: it's not the idiotic detective sent in to investigate the case) makes it even better.
3. The Trouble with Angels ~ This lesser-known Hayley Mills film is a favorite of mine. It fools you into thinking it's nothing more than a light-hearted comedy about schoolgirls' pranks, but the girls' final year of school brings the story to an unexpected and poignant conclusion.
2. The Sixth Sense ~ One of those great twist endings that just completely pulls the rug out from under you, and makes you rethink all your previous assumptions.
1. The Empire Strikes Back ~ What can I say? It's classic. And I obviously have Star Wars on my mind lately. ;)

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Neville and the prophecy (JKR's long and SPOILER-y answer to the FAQ poll question)

My thoughts on what she says in the last paragraph )

Speaking of that, I am going to keep editing my list of HBP questions for the next few days, and then start posting predictions, but I wanted to catalogue here the predictions I've already made.

Does Harry Have to Die? Part I (my theory about Harry misinterpreting the prophecy)
Does Harry Have to Die? Part II (this is more for book 7 than HBP--why I think Harry will survive the series)

HBP: Ths ship sinker (what I think HBP will do with the major ships, both in the books and in the fandom)


Only two more months until July 16th!!!



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